I apologize in advance for a completely irrelevent, non-ASP, non-computing related post meant solely for the enjoyment of a few select people who freuent this board. Flame me if you will... I&#039;m wearing my flame-retardant Dockers today.<BR><BR>************************************ **************************<BR><BR>Today I went to lunch with my girlfriend, who has recently moved into a new apartment, and listened to her talk about her morning, and the garage sales she went to while looking for stuff for the apartment. One thing she needs is a vacuum cleaner, and she told me about a guy who had a $1500 sweeper that he was selling for $10. Then she asked if I&#039;d ever head of "Kirby" sweepers before! I about died laughing, &#039;cause I&#039;ve heard the horror stories of those of you who&#039;ve sold them. She said the guy even gave her a demonstration! I just had to share :)<BR><BR>G