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    I´m trying to generate pie charts from an Access DB using VB components. I think the right solution is making all the database calls from the component, drawing the picture with them and save it as a GIF or JPG file. The file name will be returned to the ASP to fill a &#060;IMG SCR="....."&#062; tag. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve found some routines from Intel to create JPGS&#039;s (none useful) but none to make GIF&#039;s... Does anybody knows how to do that? I&#039;m not looking for a commercial component, I think is not too hard to code from scratch in VB.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-- Néstor

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    Default Uncompressed GIFs...

    are easy. But huge. Compressed GIFs require a license from Unisys, as they have patented the compression algorithm.<BR><BR>I&#039;d go with JPEG&#039;s if you know how to do that.<BR><BR>

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    Default Dundas Pie Chart component (free)

    it&#039;s free. www.dundas.com<BR><BR>j

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