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    I used to use include files for regular ASP to store a bunch of functions i used on several pages. What is the .NET way to have access to those functions without creating a bunch of objects....

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    If you look at the way that it is done in the IBuySpy online docs ( ) you will see that you can compile your .vb (or.cs, or .whatever) Class files into into .NET .dll&#039;s which sit inside your /bin folder, then Import the Class into your page and directly reference it&#039;s public members that way.<BR><BR>Also I think that you can use the @Register directive to directly refereence .vb files from within your Page.<BR><BR><BR>Again, check out the IBuySpy app.

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    Thanks. I know how to do that for classes, but I just want to have a few function and subs. I tried to just put a function inside a Namespace in a .vb file, but the compiler doesn&#039;t like it.<BR><BR>Where can i just put functions?

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