Hello, <BR>I&#039;m using an MSAccess db and ASP (written by UltraDev) for a search and results page. On the search reuslts page I want to implement a refine search form with refining criteria that will lead off to a second results page. I have built most of this, but am concerned I&#039;m going about it the wrong way. I&#039;m not caching data, and resultsets are in the region of average 50-300 rows (max about 800).<BR>In the initial search results page I pass the original search criteria across into the refine search form as hidden fields and use these along with the refine search parms to requery the db for the refine search. Whilst this seems inefficient I&#039;m not sure how elese to go about achieving a refine search.<BR><BR>any pointers appreciated...<BR>