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    I just completed a survey in ASP and want the results to be sent to my boss. 2 questions: 1.) How should I send him the results? E-mail, a web page? 2.) How is this accomplished? I want him to be be able to easily decipher the results. (I'm a newbie. This is my first time sending results. Thanks in advance!)

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    You need to give this abit of thought.<BR><BR>Will your boss want to refer to these results in 1 week/1 month/1 years time ? Or is it just something he will glance at now and discard?<BR><BR>My personal feeling is that you should store the results in a database and provide your boss with a way of querying the database either in .Asp or VB.<BR><BR>By storing the data in a database, your boss will be able to view it as often as he likes, and you can earn extra bonus point by coming up with fascinating analysis of the results (along the lines of 75% of people with less than 2 legs snore after having eaten Tacos).<BR><BR>

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    Kevin Guest

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    Thanks Eddie. I am settled on your database idea and have it working. My next quick question is do you have an example of how I can provide my boss with a way to query the database in .Asp or VB? As I said, I am a newbie and very rusty at this. <BR><BR>Thanks again! BTW, your survey ideas sound a tad more interesting than mine!

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