easy does it ??? checkbox chekced if selected

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Thread: easy does it ??? checkbox chekced if selected

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    Default easy does it ??? checkbox chekced if selected

    thanks for your reply about how to check value & have checkbox/radio checked. <BR>I&#039;ve to check if a country was selected, then display its selected in dropdown, with rest so if one wants to change country they can have choice. Now what do you think would be best method to use to check. its like almost 100 options I&#039;ve to check.. <BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    easy does it Guest

    Default Where do you get the list...

    ...of countries from? From a DB? Or are they always the same?<BR><BR>If they are always the same, the ARRAY trick I *think* I showed you is fine. You could get a little more efficiency using the GETSTRING trick I wrote about in the ASPFAQs.<BR><BR>Incidentally, please don&#039;t start a new thread when you ask follow-up questions. Now you make me go looking for what I wrote the first time. I answer too many questions to remember what I answered you. I couldn&#039;t even find the post where I answered you. Do you have a URL to it?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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