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    Hello, my question should be pretty simple and straight forward(let me know if it's not). I'm running an NT server and I want to write an asp page/script that declares and assigns variables on my server but run's on another server (I need asp because the contents cannot be viewed from a web browser). For example I want John Doe to be able to include my asp script and not have to actually have the file on his server in order to run it. Is this possible? If so, is it possible on a non-windows based server, where John Doe is running a Solaris server and attempts to include my asp file from my NT server(probably not). Is there any type of command similar that allows me to use HTML and run the script from my server, allowing John Doe to simply include the file no matter what type of webserver he's running? Please let me know if i'm unclear.

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    ...for security reasons. You can use the XMLHttp object to obtain the output remotely from your ASP page but you CANNOT use specific function calls remotely.<BR><BR>You would have to get into Remote Scripting to try and duplicate this but the performance lag would likely make it a pretty poor solution.<BR><BR>No dice...

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    well thanks anyway. do you know of any other way to secure data in a file and make it unviewable using a browser? See this solution will need to be compatible with different types of platforms. The only similarities between these platforms is that they all use HTML. But the server script will vary. Is there anything I can do because of course hidden fields in html are viewable by either right-clicking or saving the entire page to your hard drive. Is there any workaround?

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    Default Totally secure...no.

    Not client side and certainly not cross browser. You almost need to use server side session variables for this.<BR><BR>It is difficult to prevent others from posting your forms and using values in hidden fields using things like XMLHttp.<BR>If you put it on the client, it is visible and usable by anyone.<BR><BR>On your more secure pages, I&#039;d have a check to make sure the page was posted from your site and not a mocked up form from somewhere else.

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