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    How do I get a self submitting form to work. basically, i am going to validate an email address in the main page. where there is a form (1 field), i want to validate it, server side. also i dont want another page to check the email. so if someone enters a bad email, an error message will come up, but in the default.asp page. can someone point to me at the right direction? i check out a few sites, but couldnt find the right way for it to work! thanks!

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    Cannot u use a client side scripting like javascript?<BR><BR>if u r inclined to do a server side then do the following.<BR><BR>have a button in ur form and write a javascript to submit it to the same page on onClick even of the button,with a dummy flag as querystring. at start of page check for this querystring and do the vbscript or other serverside validation u want if there is value in the querystring.<BR><BR>got it?<BR><BR>cheers

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