cdonts looping nightmare ??????????

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Thread: cdonts looping nightmare ??????????

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    I have a cdonts emailer and am trying to get it to send 1 mail to each<BR>person from a recordset.<BR><BR>problem is 1st email is Ok then 2nd is appended to the first and so on<BR><BR>i have tried 2 different ways of doing this but get the same result.<BR><BR>ALL the usual db connection stuff here <BR><BR>While Not objRS.EOF<BR> strName = objRS("name")<BR> strEmail = objRS("email")<BR><BR>then all the usual CDONTS stuff body in html format<BR><BR>Set objCDO = Nothing<BR> objRS.MoveNext<BR> Wend<BR><BR> objRS.Close<BR> objConn.Close<BR> Set objRS = Nothing<BR> Set objConn = Nothing<BR><BR>it sends 3 mails appended to each other to all email addresses.<BR><BR>where am i going wrong ???????????<BR><BR>cheers<BR>ian

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    i was following this if it helps<BR><BR>

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