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    vanessa Guest

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    The script on one of my asp pages seems to time out randomly. most of the time it quickly loads, while other times I get a scrip timeout error. If this occurs, refreshing the page allows the code to execute and load properly. How can I make the page automatically refresh if the script is taking more than a couple of seconds to load? Is that possible? And is the issue most likely caused by my code, or most likely is it a server issue? There are really no constants that cause the timeout error to occur. just random.<BR><BR>Thank you ever so much! =)

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    Dano Guest

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    you could set the timeout on this script to be greater than the default. use...<BR><BR>server.scriptTimeout = 300 <BR><BR>which extends the timeout period to be 300 seconds...<BR><BR>Just a thought.<BR><BR>Dano

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