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    I&#039;m getting a &#039;syntax error in insert statement&#039; error.<BR>By process of elumination(sp) I have tracked it down. Just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.....<BR>Using request.form to gather the data to go into the INSERT.<BR>When dealing with text values they are enclosed within &#039;text&#039; numbers are not. If the particulat form field is empty then ,&#039;&#039;, with be passed to the INSERT. However for numerical values where there is no single quotes, empty form fields will put ,, into the INSERT (hope people are following this!). When the second scenario is the case I am getting the error but not if numerical values are passed. Have I understood the problem correctly? What is the work-a-round? if there is no value I don&#039;t want a value - it is for a photo&#039;s width and height so obviously 0 is no good - should I change the DB field to text?<BR><BR>Jay

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    Insert Null if there is nothing.<BR><BR>

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