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    I have a web form, the user logs in with a username and email address. The<BR>response page stores these in a cookie:<BR><BR>response.cookies("violinandviola")( "username") = request("username")<BR>response.cookies("violinand viola")("email") = request("email")<BR>response.cookies("violinandvio la").Expires = Date + 366<BR><BR>So the idea is that I have a forum, once the user has logged in they can<BR>send and reply to messages without having to keep entering a name and email<BR>address because it&#039;s stored in the cookie.<BR><BR>This works fine while I&#039;m in a &#039;session&#039;. So I can send and receive messages<BR>fine, the username and email are inserted into the db using the values from<BR>the cookie:<BR><BR>txtName = request.cookies("violinandviola")("username")<BR>t xtEmail = request.cookies("violinandviola")("email")<BR><BR> But if I close down Internet Explorer, and return to my pages, the code<BR>fails because the above example returns nothing, it&#039;s as though it&#039;s not<BR>reading the cookie, even though I can see it in Temp Internet Files, and it<BR>has an expiry date.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>

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    Funny you should say that, I&#039;m having the same troubles...<BR>

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