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    Hi<BR>We have implemented Index server on one of our Internet sites.<BR>I have an asp page called tools.asp which has a title as Guidelines.<BR>When i provide a search for guidelines it displays me this page <BR>some where at 42 position.I want this page to be displayed within the first 3 rankings.<BR>Is it possible for me to do that.<BR>Thanks<BR>Ryan

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    That would depend how you have Index Server set up to perform searches. Do you use meta tags in IS? If so then spam them with the word guidelines. If not then is the word &#039;guidelines&#039; within the page text? Could always try the porn trick - put the word on your page lots of times but set the font colour the same as the background. Invisible to the human eye but not to IS. Warning: Some search engines may blacklist you if they see you adopting this sort of tac-tic<BR><BR>Jay

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