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    testy Guest

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    I want enable a span on the 6th keystroke. this is what i have and it isn&#039;t working. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.<BR><BR><BR>Sub tbxBUNO_onkeypress<BR> mylen = len(tbxBUNO.value)<BR> if mylen &#062; 6 then<BR> msgbox mylen<BR> &#039; if ValidationCheckBUNO = 0 then<BR> &#039; xxx = GetACSpanInfo()<BR> &#039; call tbxBUNO_onblur<BR> &#039;end if<BR> end if<BR> End Sub<BR>

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    make the following change,<BR><BR>...<BR>mylen = len(tbxBUNO.value)<BR>msgbox mylen<BR>if mylen &#062; 6 then<BR>...<BR><BR>do you see a popup on each keypress?<BR>

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    testy Guest

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    the msgbox does not matter. Help.

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