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    Does anybody know how I can submit a FORM using any type of button, while having the the value of the button as the text label e.g CANCEL, OK etc, yet still being able to post the index of the button pressed to the next page, as I can multiple buttons within the ASP page and I need to know in the next page which button was pushed via a numeric index.<BR><BR>The major problem being that the button index may be different depending on the contents of the ASP page as it is built dynamically, e.g the ok button may have an index of 14 on one page or 3 on another and the cancel button will have different index&#039s (there may also be more than two buttons depending again on the page), and its the index of the button pushed that I need passed to the next page as well as submitting the form. The reason for this is that it is that the button index is used for C++ function parameters within the next page and depending on the button pushed the information submitted via the form will be treated differently...<BR><BR><BR>Has anybody any ideas because I&#039ve exhausted all mine<BR><BR> <BR>

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    Use Javascript to maniuplate a hidden form field?

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