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Thread: select that gives text boxes to same page

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    Default select that gives text boxes to same page

    I would like to write code that after a user selects a number in a select I would like that number of textboxes to show up. My problem is that I cannot get this code to write on the same page it reloads to a new page. I have tried to do a return false but cannot make it work. Any suggestions?

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    Default Can't do this cross-browser...

    If you are writing for *ONLY* MSIE then it&#039;s pretty easy.<BR><BR>If you need to be compatible with *ANY* other browser, then it gets more complicated, fast.<BR><BR>You actually *might* be better off using ASP to do this, you know. That is, allow the submit, catch the number in ASP code, and generate a new version of the page via ASP. That will work with any browser, even very old ones.<BR><BR><BR>

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