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    W. F. Tracy Guest

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    DB2K (Drumbeat 2000) was working well and then the following problem developed after we set up IIS (with sp4) to allow us to have a public version of our website and a private for editing. This worked well for a day or so. Then upon an initial open of the website, the 80004005 error appeared "....cannot open the file already open ....or you need permission to view." <BR> <BR>Using the User Manager I changed the permissions on IUSER_NTSERVER & IWAM_NTSERVER to Administrator. Rebooted the system, and tried again. No change.<BR> <BR>When I exited the website and tried to open Drumbeat took 6 minutes to load the site file (normal load about 20 seconds) and worked at about 1/100th of its normal speed. Reinstalling DB2k (on the server) did not remedy the speed problem, nor did adding sp5 to II2, nor reinstalling IIS. <BR> <BR>After some attempts to correct permissions in IIS, I was able to get the website to partially work. It worked normally (speed wise) with pages requiring no database access. When accessing the Access database (Find/Read functions), it did so about 100 times slower than normal. It does Write data to the db at a normal rate. The website can be used for about 3 or 4 transactions (involving ASP action) then things simply stop. No error messages appear.<BR> <BR>I next installed DB2K on NTworkstation. Here it worked normally, i.e., normal/save/publish/load times. I used it to republish the website on the server. No change, i.e., continued extremely slow data finding. Loading Websites developed by the Drumbeat staff show the same effect (i.e., working at 1/100th of normal rate). <BR><BR>The Drumbeat Teach support staff were unable to suggest a final solution other than to reinstall the Server. Before doing so I wonder if there is anything I can try??<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.

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    Carl Brothers Guest

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    Hmmm... Sounds like an ODBC problem. In discussions that I have had with various cohorts, SP5 is the only SP that they are in no big hurry to implement..<BR><BR>Check your DSN Settings to your database, and ensure that the DB is in good condition. I might suggest stopping the web services, then reinstall the latest MDAC 2.1 that is available now. <BR><BR>Also I hope that you removed the admin rights from the two accounts that should be nothing more than guests.....<BR><BR>Carl Brothers

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