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    Hi<BR><BR>I have a SQL table that has a date column in the format e.g. <BR>23-8-2001 (UK Format). I use these dates to populate a drop down box in ASP. The problem I have having is that the dates at the start of the month i.e. 1-8-2001 to 9-8-2001 appear at the bottom of the drop down box because they don&#039;t have a &#039;0&#039; at the front of them.<BR><BR>How would I change the single figures to read 01-8-2001 to 09-8-2001 before I populate my drop down box?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    in JScript<BR><BR>var Objdate = new Date(rst("Date"));<BR><BR>var Day = ObjDate.getDate();<BR>if (day.length == 1){<BR>Response.write("&#060;option&#062;0" + rst("date")+ "&#060;/option");<BR>} else<BR>{<BR>Response.write("&#060;option&#062;" + rst("date")+ "&#060;/option");<BR>}<BR><BR>Not sure of VB syntax for this, but I&#039;m sure someone will help!<BR>

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