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    OK got a toughie for someone. Here&#039;s what I am trying to do:<BR>I have registered ".gif" to point to the "asp.dll" processor in IIS. In the global.asa I have code that locks out access based on http_referrer (to preclude any comments, yes it is easily spoofed) We also do a binarywrite to return the file to the user.<BR><BR>Here is the problem:<BR>It works with one test gif file, but with another file IIS tries to execute the gif as an ASP (thus returning syntactical errors) without even executing the global.asa. I have tried both response.write&#039;s and putting in glaring syntactical errors in the global.asa to check that indeed it isn&#039;t being executed. <BR><BR>Does anyone know why IIS is trying to preprocess the GIF before running the global.asa?

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    It&#039;ll parse and compile both files before running them. this&#039;d be a compilation error, so it&#039;s not getting as far as running the files.<BR><BR>Could do with confirmation on this, but that&#039;s what I think it is.

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