Filtering recordsets returned with GetRows HELP!

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Thread: Filtering recordsets returned with GetRows HELP!

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    Alex Walgreen Guest

    Default Filtering recordsets returned with GetRows HELP!

    Suppose I have a recordset like:<BR><BR>ID Name Description MemberID GroupID<BR>1 John Member 1 4<BR>1 Mary Member 2 4<BR>1 Jane Member 3 4<BR>2 John Supervisor 4 4<BR>2 Mary Supervisor 5 4<BR>2 Jane Supervisor 6 4<BR><BR>And want to format results like:<BR><BR>Member group ID: 4<BR>Members: John, Jane, Mary<BR>Roles: Member, supervisor<BR><BR>How do I do this from results returned by GetRows??? I have a huge DB where I want to make reports from but I don&#039;t know how... and I don&#039;t want to make dozens of querys, just one. <BR><BR>Any help is VERY welcome, please contact me at<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance!

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    Default RE: Filtering recordsets returned with GetRows H

    Try using the "group by" and "distinct" clauses in SQL. They will return you a better query result set from the database and reduce the overhead of your script...

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    Default Start with this...

    ...good old ASPFAQs:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It won&#039;t get you all the way to the format you&#039;re after, but it is pretty close. A tiny bit of tweaking and you&#039;ll be there.<BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t matter whether you use GetRows or not, the principles are the same.<BR><BR>

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    Default Billy if you are there

    Need help in the ASP Q & A<BR><BR>

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    Alex Walgreen Guest

    Default RE: Start with this...

    Bill,<BR><BR>Thanks, it seems to be the solution to my problem!

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