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    Is it possible to use the FSO .Drives object to pull up drives on non-local machines. Trying to use a web page to display server drive information on the fly. Could use the .GetDrive(svrpath) object, but do not want to hard code the drives. Is this possible and how???

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    What do you mean "non-local"? Server drives, removable server drives, network drives?<BR><BR>You can get a list of the drives using the FSO and you could iterate through this.<BR><BR>If you want to find the drive the site is running on, use Left(Server.MapPath("/"), 1).<BR><BR>Craig.

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    jonhe Guest

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    Looking to pull up information on server drives in a server farm. The object .Drives object will pull up all of the drives on the machine it is ran on. I need to be able to, for example, do FSO.Drives(ServerPath), then it will pull up all drives on that server.<BR>jonhe

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