Hello all...<BR>I&#039;m still working on my car lot asp program, and I&#039;ve got a sudden problem that some of you might be able to help with right now.<BR><BR>Basically, think of a Work Order at your auto mechanics garage, and this is what I&#039;m trying to create. Each area like PARTS1, PARTS2, LABOR and OTHER is composed of seperate lines and each line has various fields.<BR><BR>PARTS1 holds Desc, Code, Part#, Qty, Cost, Total. (11 lines)<BR>PARTS2 holds Desc, Code, Part#, Qty, Cost, Total. (11 lines)<BR>LABOR holds Desc, Hourly Rate, Qty, Total. (11 lines)<BR>OTHER holds Desc, Hourly Rate, Qty, Total. (11 lines)<BR><BR>Total of all fields is 220 fields of data, PLUS the other fields that hold Customer info, vehicle info, service dept info...the whole Table has 234 fields altogether. As well, I also ask the processing page to write some extra fields to another table as well, to hold customer info. <BR><BR>As well on the front area, I&#039;ve totalled up all the various totals to show the GrandTOTAL, then show the 2 taxes we have up here in Canada, then the FinalTotal.<BR><BR>All this was hard to do in jscript, so I parcelled out that job to a fellow who wrote the complete jscript -- and it works just fine. Fact is, the whole page works fine. It allows the user to enter the data, then when the SUBMIT button&#039;s clicked, in saves the various fields in the proper 2 tables in the dbase just fine.<BR><BR>And while I can&#039;t fault the functionality, its the performance that is the real killer...it&#039;s V - E - R - Y slow. <BR><BR>It takes approx. 21 seconds for the data entry screen to go back to the MENU screen, indicating that the processing page has completed it&#039;s tasks. I&#039;ve checked the dbase, ALL fields are properly written...but at a slowness that is abnormal. I&#039;m using the RecordSet object, via a rs.AddNew --- then all the fields -- then rs.Update to write to that dbase. <BR><BR>Can someone offer some help here? If needs be, I could post the code but it&#039;s lenghty...<BR><BR>Help here guys or a pointer?<BR><BR>Jim