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    Maurene Guest

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    Does anyone know how to solve this? Im sending values from a form to an Access database. This involves 2 tables with a one to Many relationship. The error I get says I cannot add or change a record because a related record is required. The related record however is "customer ID". This is an automatic field in one table and number in the other. As you enter data into the databse, then the autonumber is created, but how can I do this through a form. <BR>Do I use SQL maybe and say something like WHERE "customer.customerID"="Orders.customerID". If so can you point me to some examples on the web using SQL.<BR>Thanks for your help

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    Jason Guest

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    I have experienced a similar problem.<BR>I know of 2 possible solutions.<BR>1. If the form is the only method of data entry then you can disable the "enforce referencial integrity" feature in Access. Note: If you do this ensure that your form can only submit complete date.<BR>2. If you have other data entry methods that might not ensure the integrity of your data then you can seperate the processes. You need to create the main record first then preform a commit and then you will be able to enter the second record.<BR><BR>I hope this is some help.<BR>

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