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    Wim Hufkens Guest

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    How can I search for a keyword in a database table?<BR>F.e. search for "IT" in a list of book titles?<BR>This ... WHERE Title=&#039"& KeyWord & "&#039... gives only an exact match!<BR>Thanks

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    Like this:<BR>...WHERE Title LIKE &#039***" & Keyword & "***&#039...

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    I assume you are using sql server 7.0. You will have to use wildcards like %,[] for getting an exact match or related matches.. <BR><BR> For eg in your case you are searching for a keyword IT in book titles table.<BR><BR>You &#039ll have to use <BR><BR>select * from book_titles where title like &#039%" & keyword & "%&#039<BR><BR>hth<BR>

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    Aha! My previous answer was wrong (which also explains why my own query hasn&#039t been working). As pointed out in the previous reply, use %, not *.<BR>So my answer should have been:<BR>...WHERE FieldName = &#039%%%" & Keyword & "%%%&#039...

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