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    I was wondering how you would prevent a hit counter from incrementing if someone refreshed their srceen??<BR>ITWG

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    Default Lots of ways.

    Wouldn&#039;t really class this as "advanced". You could work this out from a variety of sources.<BR><BR>If the hit-counter is created in ASP...<BR><BR>Create a session variable when you increase the counter the first time. Then, before incrementing it further, check to see if the session variable exists.<BR><BR>There&#039;s no real way of doing it apart from that. You could create session variables for any page, or indeed every page if you so desired and had a system that the FBI would kill for.<BR><BR>That way at least, when the user returned, their session would no longer exist and the counter would increase.<BR><BR>If you want it so that it NEVER increases for that user again, an approximation could be done using cookies with expiry dates far in the future. This won&#039;t ever be perfect, however, as some people do not accept cookies etc.<BR><BR>Craig.

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