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    Jason Guest

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    I am using asp/oracle to code an application. I am new to this and not sure how to code the login in. I was told this was the best way to do it:<BR><BR>I think that I solved your SETA login problem. I created a special role called RTG_SE_SETA_LOGIN and gave it permission to select from the sys.dba_role_privs view. I then granted that role to the RTG_SE_SETA_ADMIN/CLERICAL/SUPERVISOR roles. What this means, is any user that is granted any one of the RTG_SE_SETA_ADMIN/CLERICAL/SUPERVISOR roles, will have select authority on the sys.dba_role_privs view. You can go ahead and write your code so that any user logging into the SETA system can check to make sure they have chosen the correct option for the role they have been granted.<BR><BR>Simply there are 3 roles that determine which page the user is sent to. Each of these roles has a role which lets them look to see if they really have that role. I have no clue how to incorporate roles into my ASP code. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You have to divorce oracl from ASP - ASP can process queries to Oracle and display them - BUT internal DB affairs are trickier. My suggestion ? Well, ill create a look up table of USERID&#039;s against roles - a user id once logged in can be redirected to a page based on the roles they have in the DB.

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    Jason Guest

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    I am not sure I totally understand what you are suggesting. Is there anyway you can expand a little for me? I&#039;d appreciate it.<BR><BR>

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