Hi there, I&#039;m doing some dynamic content stuff and i&#039;m readign a datae sensitive file (if it not created today then there&#039;s a database check and it#&#039;s remade so that the next user doesn&#039;t have to do the dateabse stuff.<BR><BR>my problem is that i remake the file adnd in windows explorer it says that it is created today, but when i response.write the detials i get the right file, but a day later on the datecreated value.. so it remakes it everytime... check out the code..<BR><BR> set ObjFile = ObjFSO.GetFile(Server.Mappath("DYNAMIC/dat_" & strPageName & "_" & vintColumnID & ".asp"))<BR> response.write "&#060;HR&#062;" & Server.Mappath("DYNAMIC/dat_" & strPageName & "_" & vintColumnID & ".asp") & "<BR>" & vbcrlf<BR> response.write "Format 1) " & formatdatetime(ObjFile.DateCreated, vbshortdate) & " Format 2) " & formatdatetime(now(), vbshortdate) & "<BR>"<BR> if formatdatetime(ObjFile.DateCreated, vbshortdate) = formatdatetime(now(), vbshortdate) then<BR><BR> response.write "The file was created today so it&#039;s going to be displayed.<BR>"<BR><BR> set ObjFSORead = ObjFSO.OpenTextFile(Server.Mappath("DYNAMIC/dat_" & strPageName & "_" & vintColumnID & ".asp"),1)<BR> strHTML = ObjFSORead.Readall<BR> response.write strHTML<BR> set ObjFSORead = nothing<BR> response.write "Exiting function<BR>"<BR> fc_dat = true<BR> exit function<BR><BR> else<BR> response.write "The File Was Not Created Today.<BR> Checking Database to see if it&#039;s valid or not.<BR>"<BR> &#039;* if the file is invalid then fc_dat = false<BR><BR>.............<BR><BR><BR>tell me if you need anything else :) thanks... x