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    Default redirect target ????

    like in html a href="main.html" target=_top <BR><BR>can i redirect the site to another frame, another position<BR><BR>response.redirect ("bla bla bla") target=***

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    Default RE: redirect target ????

    use the same frame tags for redirection nothing different

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    Default hehehhe

    We have some jokers on here today.<BR><BR>Right...<BR><BR>The Response.Redirect does not do what the html &#060;a href=&#039;whatever.htm&#039;&#062; does. Response.Redirect returns a HTTP redirect (200 I think), which causes the browser to go and load another page rather than this one.<BR><BR>The HTML link is interpreted by the browser. If you have frames, or named child windows, you can target that link. Basically, the browser sees you clicking on the link and says "where do i show that page?". If no "target" is specified, it is the current frame or whereever the base target is.<BR><BR>In the Response.Redirect idea, the browser has already decided WHERE it is going to show the page, and it is now looking for WHAT to display.<BR><BR>Try writing out<BR>==== START<BR>&#060;script&#062;parent.framename.locati on.href=&#039;x.asp&#039;;document.location.href=& #039;y.asp&#039;;&#060;/script&#062;<BR>==== END<BR><BR>There&#039;s no way to do it using your initial example.<BR><BR>Craig.

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