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    Q1: ASP pages stop working using IIS 4.0, do you guys know how or why ? <BR><BR>Q2: Inetinfo.exe takes 96% of resources and i have to kill the process because its slows down everything. Does anybody else having same problems ? <BR><BR>Thanks for help. <BR>Farhan

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    I have the same problem and not sure why, but I fix it by rebooting or have to closing the current web, creating a new web, then create a new database connection in the new web. Once this is done I reopen the old web and it works again. It&#039s not a fix but if you have to get stuff done it has worked evertime for me. Creating a new web somehow kicks in the ASP engine again. I&#039ll be watching your post for a better answer

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    They both sound like issues related to not freeing up memory used by components or bottlenecked requests. If you are using db connections, make sure you close them as soon as possible and set them to nothing. If the queries are unusually slow and you have a lot of concurrent users, try optimizing the db structure or the queries. <BR><BR>There are other DB things you can check, but I&#039m not even sure you have DB stuff going on in the server since you didn&#039t specify.. but try stuff like that.

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