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    Dear All,<BR><BR>How do I can prevent the internet user to see my querystring which which appear on the URL box in the browser?<BR><BR>Can I just stay in 1 URL only while passing the querystring like<BR>below:<BR><BR>When the internet user type "www.mywebsite.com" in the URL box,inside my asp code which i got passing querystring like "login.asp?id=1", how do i display "www.mywebsite.com" instead of the querystring "login.asp?id=1"?<BR><BR>Thank You.<BR><BR>From,<BR>Steven<BR>

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    Default this is advanced?????

    really? oh well.<BR><BR>you can&#039;t fully hide it. you can hide it from a casual user by using a frameset with one frame of &#039;*&#039; and one frame of &#039;0&#039;<BR><BR>you could use POST instead of GET<BR>you could &#039;encrypt&#039; it (pretty weak though)<BR><BR>but you can never completely hide it, because it&#039;s part of the http request you&#039;re making.

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    Default Encryption

    You can encrypt it - there is an article somewhere in 4guys about it. The only catch is it creates a rather &#039;untidy&#039; string in the URL Bar - not pleasing to the eye.<BR><BR>This would be a nicer solution than a frameset - which would be much more easily &#039;cracked&#039;.<BR><BR>I&#039;d also consider an encrypted cookie if you only need to pass a userid around.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t like using Session Variables, but that&#039;s also a way to do it.

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