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    Default trouble with viewing ASP

    hi,<BR><BR>my ie has trouble showing asp pages (not only the pages that i&#039ve created but any asp page on my computer, including the iisexample asp pages and all the rest).<BR><BR>i sometimes get "the download of the specified recource has failed" and sometime get the standard page not found of ie with the message "Can Not Find Server or DNS Error" at the end of the page.<BR><BR>if i refresh the page sometimes the asp page comes up after a couple of tries.<BR><BR>this problem started just 2 days ago and before that everything worked and i haven&#039t changed anything on my computer. <BR><BR>i really don&#039t know what to do, i&#039ve reinstalled the iis and created the virtual web directories and everything that i could think of and i&#039m reall desperate. <BR><BR>appreciate any helps, maybes and ifs.<BR>thanks<BR>katayoun

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    Default Perhaps Hosts.sam

    Have you taken a look at hosts.sam? This wouldn&#039t account for it happening all the sudden, but without changing hosts.sam I did have intermitent service.<BR><BR>All you have to do is look for hosts.sam in your windows file. Copy the line that looks like local and place it on the second line. Once that is done, change the word local to your computer name. Try it out.<BR><BR>One last thought, I have used the ip address instead of the server name and that worked great. The IP can be found in hosts.sam. It is the number. Give it a try like<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Brandon

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    katayoun Guest

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    hi and thanks<BR>i did look at the hosts file and all look well there and i did try the address with all the different versions that i could think of ("http://localhost/asppage", "" and "http://myaddress/..") and none of them worked, they all behaved exactly as i before. <BR>thanks again and if you think of anything else please let me know

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