Hi,<BR><BR>This could be a very introductory question. But still I cannot find the CORRECT way of doing it.<BR><BR>My requirement is like this.<BR><BR>1. I use ASP and Visual Basic 6.0, Component Services, Win2K for web development.<BR>2. I need to update/delete/insert in more than one table sometimes.<BR>3. So I think that to preserve integrity in case of SQL failure, I need to use transactions in my Visual Basic code which gets all the info needed to do the insert/update/delete from ASP page.<BR>4. My implementation now is without transactions. So it is bound to give problems related to integrity in the future.<BR>5. How should I implement the transaction capability in my code in Visual Basic? OR as I am using componenet services, my code is already transaction enabled?<BR><BR>please help me in this regard with a code ,<BR>please also tell me if any good websites explaining exactly how to do this in my server settings? <BR><BR>if u want , pl mail me at sujgan@hotmail.com also<BR><BR>regards<BR>Ganesh