which check box is checked????

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Thread: which check box is checked????

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    Default which check box is checked????

    Ok...so i&#039;ve got a while not objRec.eof loop that populates some html table rows with records I pull from the database.<BR><BR>These rows are inside a form, and each row has a check box. the submit button looks at which checkbox(s) are selected, and then I plan to submit my form to the deleteprocessor page to delete the selected records.<BR><BR>How can I easily pass a variable to my deleteprocessor page that identifies which record was selected for delete?<BR><BR>this is confusing, since the database could return 1 record, or 100 records, and each record is unique.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help on this.

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    Kentium Guest

    Default nevermind

    I can use value= & objRec("docid")<BR><BR>and voila! I have the unique document ID associated with the check box.

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