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    Please help with the following:<BR>Inside of my Default.asp I click on a hyperlink to the mainmenu.asp and the mainmenu is displayed. I want to change the hyperlink to a button with a Sub Button_onclick() routine of Response.Redirect "mainmenu.asp". This works perfectly when I "View in Browser" (in Visual Int 6). When looking at the URL address in IE I see the IP address of the server plus the mainmenu.asp. Yet when I go directly to the Web it doesn&#039;t work. The URL address field in IE shows the IP address of the server but NO mainmenu.asp follows the IP address. Why????? How can I overcome this problem. I really want a button instead of a hyperlink.<BR><BR>Help!

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    Default Why is this in DB forum?

    Ah, well... The short answer: You can&#039;t do it.<BR><BR>Response.Redirect is a SERVER-SIDE thing.<BR><BR>Button clicks happen on the client.<BR><BR>You need to learn what to use client side, which is *NOT* Response.Redirect.<BR><BR>HINT: Check the MS docs for MSIE (since this code will never work in any browser but MSIE, might as well start there). Look for the "document.location" property.<BR><BR>

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    Default hardly rocket science

    but I agre with BIll. it shouldn&#039;t be here.

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