Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to print the "field name" , "field type" & "Allow Nulls" or not. I could print the name and type but i could not print whether it is nullable or not in an ASP page. <BR><BR>Sample OUTPUT:<BR><BR>&#039;fld name&#039; &#039;Fld Type&#039; &#039;Allow Nulls&#039;<BR>Fld1 Int No<BR>Fld2 String Yes <BR><BR>Please let me know whether the field object supports the "Allow Nuls" or not. <BR><BR>The code that i am using is something like this: <BR><BR>//open the recordset (RS) with some Conn// <BR><BR>RS.Open sql,conn <BR>for each fld in rs.Fields <BR>Response.Write " field name=" & fld.Name <BR>Response.Write " field type=" & typename(fld.value) <BR>&#039;if fld.atrributes = adFldIsNullable then <BR>&#039;Response.Write "Allow Nulls" <BR>&#039;else <BR>&#039;Response.Write "Nulls Not Allowed" <BR>&#039;End if <BR>Next <BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Prasad.