I was using IIS4.0 on a server which ran NT4 server. Now I am moving all my webpages to a new server running Windows 2000 advanced server, with IIS5.0. I made the buffer equal to "false" for the whole site, but some problems still persist. <BR><BR>When i try to open a table in excel using the<BR>Response.contenttype = "application/vnd.ms-excel it gives me an error saying:<BR>"Microsoft excel cannot access "http://xxx/xxx/xx. There are several possible reasons:<BR>1. The file name or path name does not exist<BR>2. The file you&#039;re trying to open is being used by another program. Close the document in the other program, and try again. <BR>3. The name of the workbook you&#039;re trying to save is the same as the name of another document that is read-only. Trying saving the workbook with a different name."<BR><BR>When I click OK, then it displays the table in an excel spreadsheet. Can you please help me.<BR><BR><BR><BR>