My ASP program has a page that loops through a number of Request.Form items. For each it determines the state of a radio button and adds, updates, or deletes a record in the database that includes an identity field. The deletes and updates work fine but the adds often return the following error even though they sometimes correctly post to the table:<BR><BR>When using an OLE DB connection, the page returns the following error:<BR>0x80040E1B<BR>Identity cannot be determined for newly inserted rows.<BR><BR>Yet, if I use an ODBC connection, it works fine (it took me all day to figure that out unfortunately). <BR><BR>There is almost zilch on this topic that I could find on the web so I wanted to post the way I fixed it for others. I&#039;d really appreciate some feedback on what causes this error if anyone has any clues. What&#039;s particularly strange is that there are other pages where similar circumstances do not create the problem.