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    icewolfz Guest

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    currently i am working on a news script i have the scipr made i am just working on the comment system. i need to fiqure out how to display a threaded board form a database. i have one database with 2 tables one name tblNews for news articile with fields, fldNID, fldTitle, fldBody, fldAuthor, fldAEmail, fldSource, fld DataTime, fldCat and the second one is tblComment with these fields : fldCID, fldAuthor, fldEmail, fldTitle, fldDateTime, fld Comment, fldArticle.<BR><BR>the idea i had was to link fldArticle to fldNID and fldCID to link then dis play. the porblem s i can&#039t fiqure out how to display the there relationships are fldArticle is the fld that tells what comment/article it was a reply to. eg article 46 is linked to comment 1 and comment 2 is reply to comment 1 and therfore link as a thread to 1. <BR><BR>if any body has a clue on how to apporce thios please add to this thread, or eamil me at<BR><BR>if you would like to see a current working copy of the scipt go to it has v0.2b for download for free.<BR><BR> Thanks,<BR> Icewolfz.

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    I&#039d like to help, but I&#039m finding it increasingly annoying trying to penetrate sloppily written messages. To those who have English as only their second language I&#039d like to convey my support, but I suspect the problem in this and many other cases is much deeper.

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