I dont do JAVA & all scripting versions of major languages stress me. With that said.. all of your little functions were very busy. :-o) In VB (Or C++ for that matter) your requiring a method to "Sync" the two forms. "On selection" command button to confrim selection and then activate some function updating the secondform, or an "onselection-fill" the contents of the previous form. you wrote: "<BR>I am trying to update some editable fields on a form dynamically when the user enters information into a seperate form on the same page." <BR>OK User inputs data, THEN selects a confirmation button ..the related form updates with related data (Write two subs for the respective confirmations & form updates) Thats the first method of addressing this concern. OR .. one could link a listbox&#039;s selection on form1 to a textbox on form2, so that as a product code is completed it finds (narrows down) the selection to the appropriate record to display in the secondary form. Code for linking listboxes to textboxes is all over the net nowdays. Even as API routines. This should function in both directions as your data is finite & no new additions will be allowed from this GUI. So in theory "listbox to listbox".<BR>Search for linking listbox.listitem (selected item in list) to textboxes. The fact that they are on different forms should be arbitrary. Worst senario paired Listboxes - textboxes on the two forms. Big deal display (IsVisible) the correct one when appropriate & place them right atop one another. Sorry if my terminology is VB But I think I articulated my point pretty well..? Happy Coding