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    miguel foncerrada Guest

    Default valid values display and prompt

    for input box1 in form1 I want to:<BR>1. display valid values in a separate browser window (form2) <BR>2. let user select value<BR>3. close form2<BR>4. display selected value in form1.box1.value<BR><BR>How can this be done?<BR>The approach I am using is as follows (form1.asp):<BR>&#060;A name=Vpart_number onClick="fopenBrV(&#039parts&#039,&#039part_number &#039)"&#062;CLICK HERE FOR VALID VALUES&#060;/A&#062;<BR>&#060;INPUT id=part_number name=part_number&#062;<BR> <BR>function fopenBrV(tableName, fieldName) <BR>{ var fullURLV <BR> <BR> fullURLV = form2.asp + "?table=" + tableName + "&field=" + fieldName<BR>,winName,featuresV);<BR> fopenBrV = session("xxx") //where xxx is set in form2<BR>}<BR>this has the obvious problem that since the new window is asynch, fopenBrV is set to xxx before xxx is set in the called form.<BR><BR>another approach?<BR>can I directly write to the form1.inputbox.value from form2? How is this done. thanks<BR>

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    Pipeleers Kris Guest

    Default RE: valid values display and prompt

    Have you tried modal windows (the process stop at the showModalDialog and continious when the window is gone)<BR>and you can pass the info back with the returnValue.

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    miguel foncerrada Guest

    Default RE: valid values display and prompt

    Dear P,<BR>I don&#039t know how to bring up a browser window in modal form. What&#039s the syntax? thanks, m

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