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    Each field in the form has many attributes, value , name , size, title ... <BR><BR>Usually, the ASP code can retrieve the name and the value only of a field<BR><BR>&#060;% for each n in Request.Form <BR> &#039; below is the item name<BR> response.write n<BR> &#039; and here is item value<BR> response.write ":" , Request.Form(n)<BR> response.write "<BR>"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Is there a way to return for example other attriburtes of a form field, Like title.<BR>I tried <BR>Request.Form("itemname").title<BR>but that didn&#039;t work <BR>?<BR>

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    What is this doing in the HTML forum??? You should have asked it in the "Q&A" ASP forum.<BR><BR>Anyway, the Request.Form and Request.QueryString collections are, essentially "dictionaries". With a key that is the name of the form field and a value that is the value of that same field.<BR><BR>Look...to see WHY they can&#039;t possibly be more than that, all you have to do is look at a URL that includes a query string:<BR><BR>www.foo.com/xyz.asp?lastName=Wilkinson&firstName=Bill<BR><BR>D o you see *anything* being passed there except the field name and the field value???<BR><BR>And if you look at the raw HTTP stream that is POSTed, you&#039;d see *exactly* the same thing! name/value pairs, only.<BR><BR>So, of course, by the time you get to the ASP code that processes the post or query string data, there&#039;s nothing else available.<BR><BR>

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    no, they don&#039;t get passed in the http request. ONLY the value does.<BR><BR>use client-side code if you *have* to get them.

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