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    I love the book and am learning a lot but I have run into a problem I can&#039;t solve. The tutorial begins with the login.html page (Listing 17.6; page 545) and includes Listing 17.7 and 17.8.<BR><BR>I start with a form page to input username and password and then the asp page EditUser.asp(Listing 17.7) verifies the username and the associated password in the database, in that order.<BR><BR>The problem is each specific password associated with its specific username is not recognized. I can put in a false username, one not in the database, and it says it is "Invalid" and when I put a username in that is in the database it recognizes the username but it says the password is "Invalid".<BR><BR>I have tried it with many usernames and the passwords associated with each of these are never recognized as valid? I have proofread everything and get no error messages...I am not sure what is wrong? Any ideas would be very helpful! Thanks!

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    You can try the list below:<BR><BR>1) make sure there is no error in your comparison statement. (Parameters used by StrComp, like vbBinaryCompare)<BR><BR>2) upper-lower case<BR>

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    I&#039;am having the same problem but it does not recognize the username, one that is in the database. Did u make any changes to the code in Listing 7.7?

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