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    Trying to send a single email using CDONTS to my Virtual SMTP Server on a Win2000 server which then gets re-routed to a Novell mail server.<BR><BR>It works fine when I compose a text file and drop it into C:InetpubmailrootPickup. It also works when I use CDONTS, but stop the SMTP Virtual server and let the message queue up in the pickup directory (then turn the SMTP server back on to send the messages). But when I use CDONTS while the SMTP services are running, 1 out of 20 tries is successful and the other times I get the error: <BR><BR>error &#039;80070020&#039; <BR>/test/mailme/cdonts.asp, line 34 <BR><BR>line 34 contains the code &#060;%objNewMail.Send%&#062;<BR><BR>the version of cdonts.dll is 6.0.3939.0 <BR>and KB<BR><BR> _SRCH&SPR=CDO<BR><BR>is of no help.<BR><BR><BR>Any assistence would be appreciated!<BR>thanks<BR>B<BR>

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    Default RE: CDONTS error '80070020' - error log

    the error log reads<BR><BR>Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered: "Error is processing file in pickup directory.".<BR><BR>The specific error code was 0xC00402CE.

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