Sorry for crossposting, I accidentally put this in the general forum first, but I posted a note to not respond in that forum.<BR><BR>Anyways, we&#039;ve got a SQL 7 server at work that doesn&#039;t get a whole lot of traffic, but the processor pegs out at 100% usage some times, especially when 4 certain views are called. These 4 views are very large, and are part of a massive join. Our "DBA" (if he can be called that :) ) put indexes on the tables that the views reference, and there hasn&#039;t been a bit of change; we still get 100% processor spikes.<BR><BR>I say he should try putting indexes on the VIEWS themselves, and maybe we&#039;ll get some speed improvement, but he says he won&#039;t do it because it&#039;s just like putting indexes on the tables themselves, and won&#039;t do a thing. Which one of us is right