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    I have one form with three submit buttons(add,update,delete). After submitting the form by any of these buttons, it goes to another program. In that program, I need identify which button is pressed by the previous program. How can I get this information. I tried like this. <BR>If Request.Form("Add") then<BR> response.write "Add the record"<BR>else if Request.Form("Delete") then<BR> response.write "Delete the record"<BR>else if Request.Form("Update") Then<BR> response.write "Update the record"<BR>end if <BR>----- But its not working. Nothing is displaying. Any help is appreciated. Thanks..James

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    &#060;INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="Add" VALUE="Add"&#062;<BR><BR>----*-----<BR>If Request.Form("Add") = "Add" then(compare with the value attribute)<BR>response.write "Add the record"<BR>end if <BR>

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