What is causing my server to hang?

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Thread: What is causing my server to hang?

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    Allright here is the deal...<BR><BR>IIS4 server on NT 4.0 server connecting to SQL server 7.0.<BR><BR>I can insert records fine, but when I update/delete an existing record the server hangs.<BR><BR>No errors or anything, it just hangs. After like 5 minutes it times out and continues on (The records are never updated or deleted)<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039;ve tried to debug it, but the scripts work fine in our local environment (Same setup local no errors)<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    There is a known problem running INSERTS against a SQL Server DB when using IIS 4.0 as the web server. Micorsoft recommends that you backup your web site, uninstall IIS 4.0, reinstall it, put your site back, then reinstall your metabase.<BR><BR>**Make sure you reapply any patches/service packs<BR><BR>****Make sure you have the NT 4.0 Option Pack Disk!!! <BR><BR>Good Luck! But if you keep your head down and run with it, you should resolve this no problem!

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