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    rah Guest

    Default frontpage extension

    how to give the frontpage 2000 server extension to pws.

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    Default Go away b4 we sick the IP police on you.


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    Capt'n O Guest

    Default You're asking for a beating

    aren&#039;t you?<BR><BR>Don&#039;t be so **** impatient... doing this will guarantee your question won&#039;t be answered.

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    lol Guest

    Default RE: frontpage extension

    first hint, if your doing ASP pages, DONT USE FRONTPAGE<BR><BR>"FrontPage 2000 will help HTML novices put up sites with basic functionality quickly, and it can easily manage pure HTML Web sites. However, it lacks even basic-level support for Active Server Pages," from and article on Frontpage 2000 on

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    Default Moot point

    As you can tell, this guy doesn&#039;t work for NASA.

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    Default lol <eop>


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