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    I have a little utility that I built in an Access97 database. This utility allows the employees at our building to check out for other common destinations within our area. As a next step of improvement, I decided to use our intranet as a more resource efficient means of accessing the db. I&#039;m using FP2000 to design the forms, etc. Here is my problem.<BR><BR>My data is laid out with employee name as the primary key in each field. Each record then contains a check box that matches the various locations that a person might go to. In front page, when I&#039;ve made my form, and have a drop down list that contains all the names, it tells me that I can&#039;t post the record since it would create a duplicate in the primary key field (Name). How do I get my drop down box to just point my form to the appropriate record?

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    Time to learn some very basic SQL statements. Such as the difference between INSERT (which indeed will create duplicate records) and UPDATE (which will just change the contents of existing records).<BR><BR>Also time, probably, to stop using Front Page, as its limitations are exceeded only by its errors. Ummm...maybe not. Maybe its limitations win, after all.<BR><BR>

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