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    Hello All! This might be simple for some but I've never done this before so I would love some suggestions from any one of you. I'm trying to do a simple delete checked records using ASP and an odbc datasource. You know, when you go to a site and you see check boxes next to each entry and a button at the bottom that says "Delete all checked entries". Simply put, I'd like to find out how to code that delete all checked entries feature into my asp scripts. Right now I'm just deleting each individually where ID = (blah). But I'd like to delete more than one at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    ...but I&#039;ll answer anyway.<BR><BR> sVal = "10,104,1034,4,16,97"<BR> sSQL = delete from tableA where mykey in(" & sVal & ")"<BR><BR> If you have a comma delimited string of values<BR> from your checkboxes, you are all set.

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    I answered in the Database Q&A.<BR><BR>DAMMIT!! I keep forgetting about that IN clause...

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