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    anybody familiar with the asp "dundas" upload control?<BR>I have downloaded the example code that is provided, but it doesn&#039;t explain where the uploaded file will be stored.<BR><BR>dim objupload<BR>SetobjUpload = server.CreateObject("Dudas.Upload.2")<BR>&#039;sav e to memory<BR>objUpload.SaveToMemory<BR><BR>this is the end of the code portion for the saving, so<BR>WHERE is SaveToMemory? WHERE will the files end up?<BR>I want to upload them to a folder on my web server, so if anybody is familiar with this please help<BR>

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    Dundas? SOunds like some punjabi but hey what do I know.<BR>It may be worth looking at it in object viewer which will give you a full list of properties, methods and events, this way you should be able to work this one out.

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